We are a sustainable packaging start-up

We are a combination of designers and chemists, engineers and entrepreneurs. We’re hard to define because what we’re doing hasn’t been done before. We create advanced packaging solutions that disappear, naturally.

How it happened

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier cofounded Skipping Rocks Lab while studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

After their first video of Ooho went viral in 2013, they joined Climate KIC, Europe’s largest funded accelerator focused on climate innovation.

The team started collaborating with chemists and chemical engineers from Imperial College to test Ooho at running events, festivals and takeaway shops. They soon started working on a scalable manufacturing technology.

In April 2017, they raised their pre-seed round on Crowdcube which helped grow the business, build the first machine and set up a manufacturing hub in London.

Sky Ocean Ventures invested in summer 2018 to accelerate the development of the second product and expand the chemistry, commercial, engineering and design teams.

NOTPLA, the material developed by Skipping Rocks Lab has expanded beyond just Ooho, and in 2019 the startup decided to give it a name and became NOTPLA.

The team raised a £4m seed round in dec. 2019, led by Lupa Systems and Astanor Ventures.

The team

Notpla Team - Rodrigo

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez
Cofounder & Co-CEO

Pierre Paslier
Cofounder & Co-CEO


Lise Honsinger

Notpla Team - Karlijn

Karlijn Sibbel
Design Director

Notpla Team - Tristan

Tristan Kaye
Commercial Director

Notpla Team - Seb

Seb Bregeaud
Manufacturing Director

Notpla Team - Louise

Louise Anderson
Research Director

Manuel Lopez
Ooho Technical lead & QSE Manager

Notpla Team - Ella

Ella O’Toole
Operations Lead

Notpla Team - Fern

Fern Toynton
Culture, Wellness and Office Manager

Notpla Team - Matej

Matej Prokop
Lead Mechanical Engineer

Notpla Team - Parvathy

Dr Parvathy Chandran
R&D Chemist

Notpla Team - August

August Ford
Production Designer

Notpla Team - Océane

Océane Gaudinet
R&D Chemist

Notpla Team - Alex

Alexandra Blanchin
Business Account Manager

Danny Pitt
Films Technical Lead

Ben Shaw
Mechanical Engineer

Olivia Walker
Business Account Manager

Notpla Team - Vijay

Vijay Tailor
Electronics Engineer

Notpla Team - Margaux

Margaux Deguerre
Marketing and Communications Lead

Notpla Team - Kendra

Kendra Quinn
Junior Impact & Sustainability Associate

Notpla Team - Tom

Tom Postlethwaite

Notpla Team - Charlie

Charlie Nunn
Production Technician

Notpla Team - Ben

Ben Fullerton
Graphic Designer

Notpla Team - Poppy

Poppy Pippin

Notpla Team - Tian

Tian Sang
R&D Chemist

Notpla Team - Marta

Marta Quintana
Junior Commercial

Ezbon Wallace
Machine Operator

Tezekel Woodley
Production Operator 

Notpla Team - Pavinder

Pavinder Cheema
Junior Mechanical Engineer

Notpla Team - Marlon

Marlon Gwira
Mechanical Engineer

Notpla Team - Tessa

Tessa Robinson
Business Development Manager

Notpla Team - Cerri

Ceri Rees
Business Development Manager

Notpla Team - Flora

Flora Blathwayt
Business Development Manager

Notpla Team - Callum

Callum Wardle
Junior Designer

Notpla Team - Phoebe

Phoebe Lewis
Junior Designer

Notpla Team - Leila

Leila Belasri
Paper Production Planner

Notpla Team - Elin

Elin Green
Industrialisation Project Manager

Notpla Team - Joel

Joel Hardingham
Industrialisation Project Manager

Notpla Team - Catherine

Catherine Mondoa
Materials Designer

Notpla Team - Claire

Claire Gay
Chemistry Intern

Notpla Team - Amaya

Amaya Jones
Lab Chemist

Notpla Team - Joe

Joe Matusiak
Grant Writer

Funding & investors

Supporting the next generation of packaging

We are not currently taking public investment. We will publish here when we are raising again!

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In April 2017, we raised £850,000 in a record 3 days on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, thanks to the 900 investors who believed in our vision.

In August 2018, we raised our first VC round from Sky Ocean Ventures.

In Dec. 2019, we raised our seed round led by Impact VC funds Astanor Ventures and Lupa Systems, including participation from Doen Foundation, Torch Capital and our OG crowdfunding investors.