Notpla Coating

Packaging’s dirty secret 

It’s a little-known fact that to protect takeaway boxes – from the oil and water in your food – most are lined with a plastic coating or packed with nasty chemicals known as PFAs (so called ‘forever chemicals’ because their chemical bonds are so great that they can never be destroyed)

… even in most of that packaging that claims to be ‘sustainable’. 

That small, invisible layer of plastic will be around long after the food is gone …  while those PFAs bioaccumulate in humans, increasingly seen to be contributing to a range of possible cancers. 

Made from seaweed – not plastic! 

Notpla Coating has many of the same grease and water-resistant qualities of traditional takeaway packaging but is coated with seaweed – not plastic!

Packaging designed to disappear! 

Designed to biodegrade naturally, our Coating can be recycled or thrown in home compost, leaving no harmful traces behind in the environment.

Innovation of the Year - UK packaging Awards 2022

Award winner! 

Our takeaway boxes lined with Notpla Coating have received the following awards: 

Innovation of the Year, UK Packaging Award 2022 

Innovation Award, The Responsible Packaging Expo Awards 2022 











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