Notpla Ooho

An edible bubble designed for liquids

Notpla Ooho is an edible bubble made from seaweed that revolutionises how liquids are packaged by replacing the need for single-use plastic. 

100% plastic-free, vegan, and naturally biodegradable – it’s a great way to start a conversation about sustainability with a fun and unique serving of a range of liquids, from water, isotonic and juices, to cocktails.

Packaging designed to disappear

Ooho can be eaten or thrown away in a home compost, where it will disappear within a few weeks, just like a fruit peel, leaving no harmful environmental trace.

Ooho at Eden Marathon

A truly sustainable sporting event

Notpla Ooho is the solution for on-the-go hydration at events. Replacing single-use plastic cups and bottles, having Ooho at your sporting event means there will be no littered streets requiring cleanup. It also provides a great way to engage participants on your sustainability goals.

The easy grab-and-go nature of Oohos has been a massive success at marathons across the UK, including the London Marathon in 2019, where our partnership generated a huge PR buzz.

Use our web form to find out about serving Ooho at your sporting event.

Serving up excitement at events

Ooho is a fun and engaging way to showcase your sustainability efforts. We have an assortment of intriguing flavours to complement events of any size, from festivals and exhibitions to private parties and corporate events.

Use our web form for our menu or to enquire about a brand partnership with bespoke content.


Two distinctive formats 

    • Pop & Go – 23 ml

This format is designed to be consumed whole, like a cherry tomato. It pops in your mouth and provides the perfect burst of flavour. 

    • Nip & Sip – 70ml

Suitable for sporting events, it is usually encapsulating water or sports drinks, and provides the perfect dose of hydration. Simply nip the corner and sip the content, leaving the membrane to be consumed by the earthworms.

The world’s first compostable sauce sachet

A sachet that is 100% natural, vegan and home compostable, it’s designed to be easy to use and leave no trace behind, making it the perfect plastic-free solution for sauces, condiments and salad dressing in the food service industry.

If you’re a restaurant, retailer, or manufacturer, we can work with you to develop a bespoke implementation plan or produce Ooho at your facility.