Notpla Box

The sustainable replacement to plastic and plastic-lined take-away boxes


The Notpla Box is the latest product in our commitment to reducing plastic waste, as a replacement to plastic containers and plastic-lined board boxes in the take-away sector.


Designed with sustainability in mind, it is both recyclable and home compostable.


Designed to disappear

A typical takeaway box either has synthetic additives added directly into the pulp or a coating made from PE or PLA, or in many cases, they have both!

These plastic and synthetic additives make it impossible to decompose or recycled. At Notpla we replaced these plastic additives by a 100% vegan seaweed-based alternative.

Our boxes are recyclable, home compostable, and even naturally biodegradable! 

Recycle it… or don’t 

This box will biodegrade like a piece of fruit. 

Most paper-based products contain synthetic chemicals that act as a water and oil repellent. We have specially sourced the paperboard for our box to be free of these materials. To make our boxes grease-proof and water-resistant, we developed a coating that is 100% made of seaweed and plants, and naturally biodegradable in weeks.

Performs like plastic… Degrades like fruit.

Say no to plastic

Give your customers the ultimate plastic-free experience!

Notpla boxes have a nice light brown colour, and a natural fibre feel given by the cardboard pulp. The crossed tab on top ensures hot food stays hot, and the box seals securely for easy delivery. Notpla boxes come in two sizes: No.1 is ideal for chips and cakes, and No.8 is perfect for any other meals.

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