Notpla Box

The sustainable replacement to plastic and plastic-lined take-away boxes


The Notpla Box is the latest product in our commitment to reducing plastic waste, as a replacement to plastic containers and plastic-lined board boxes in the take-away sector.


Designed with sustainability in mind, it is both recyclable and home compostable.


Naturally Biodegradable

Our boxes can be recycled (just make sure you wipe them clean of any food first) or home composted, but even if it escapes the waste stream it will naturally degrade in a matter of weeks!

No micro-plastics, no waste that contaminates the environment for years.

The Box

Most paper-based products contain synthetic chemicals that act as a water and oil repellent. We have specially sourced the paperboard for our box to be free of these materials.

The paperboard also includes grass into the pulp, resulting in a saving of over 250kg of CO2 and more than 3000L of water per tonne when compared to conventional fresh fibre cartonboard.


The Coating

Our Notpla Box is the first product that uses our Coating technology.

The Coating is our special formulation of seaweed and plant-based extracts, giving paperboard and moulded fibre products the necessary grease proofing and water resistant qualities for use in commercial applications.

Notpla Coating will be available for sale (only in industrial volumes) as a coating for various paperboard options in Q4 2020. To register your interest please fill out our Contact form.