Notpla Sachets 

A plastic-free solution to wasteful sauce pots and condiment sachets.

Notpla sachets are made from seaweed, and can encapsulate a wide range of sauces, salad dressings and condiments. Developed with the takeaway industry in mind, our sachets made with Notpla technology range from 10-60ml. They are 100% biodegradable and can be composted with the rest of your food waste.

Ooho sachet Ketchup Heinz

Notpla x Heinz Tomato Ketchup Sachet for the takeaway industry

A revolutionary alternative to single-use plastic sauce sachets has arrived! Our Heinz ketchup sachet looks like a little tomato – and naturally composts like one too.

 They’re also super cool and easy to use, just nip a corner and squeeze!

The sachet itself is 100% natural, biodegradable, home-compostable and vegan. They can be disposed of (like fruit peel) in a kitchen food waste bin or home-compost after use and will disappear in as little as four to six weeks. 

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100% edible and biodegradable packaging! 

Ooho replaces single-use packaging for liquids. It is the perfect solution for beverages such as water, juice or alcohol. It’s made from Notpla, our sustainable packaging material combining seaweed and plants. 

Most importantly, Ooho is a biodegradable and edible packaging! So it will degrade in 4-6 weeks, just like a piece of fruit. Or you can just eat it, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption! 

Oohos at the London Marathon - Edible packaging - Notpla

Edible packaging for sports events

Oohos are a fun alternative for hydration on the go replacing the need for plastic cups and bottles at sporting events. 

The easy grab-and-go nature of Oohos has been a huge success at large sports events. You might have spotted us at the London Marathon or at Roland-Garros in France!

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Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 5,000 units.

Exciting cocktails for bars, festivals & private events 

Oohos are a novel and immersive experience and offer an exciting way to drink juices, water and even alcohol cocktails on the go without the need for plastic.

Oohos have already replaced plastic at top tier events, such as Glastonbury Festival and DGTL Amsterdam.

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Oohos coktails for Event - Edible packaging - Notpla

Notpla Coating 

Finally making food containers fully biodegradable

Our latest product is tackling the problem of food packaging being difficult to recycle. Indeed, most food packaging uses plastic or bioplastic to make cardboard greaseproof, so they can’t be recycled or composted. 

Notpla coating gives board greaseproof and water-resistant qualities. It’s made from seaweed and designed to naturally biodegrade. 

Notpla Takeaway Boxes - Notpla

Notpla Takeaway box 

The Notpla takeaway box is our latest packaging solution in our commitment to reducing plastic waste. It replaces plastic containers and plastic-lined board boxes in the takeaway sector.

Designed with sustainability in mind, it is both recyclable and home compostable.

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We are going further to make packaging disappear! 

Our vision for Notpla coating reaches all stages of production: 

  • Food packaging: classic or custom packaging solutions for food service 
  • Coated board to supply paper converters 
  • Coating powder to supply coaters and paper mills 

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Notpla Paper 

Alleviating pressure on the world’s forests by using the by-products remaining from the industrial processing of seaweed. 

Our seaweed-based paper transforms a wasted resource into a quality product. Designed to capture the essence of its origin – the ocean – our premium paper is synthetic-free: it has no synthetic sizing agents or coatings

Distinctive packaging crafted with sustainability at the forefront 

Our Notpla Paper transforms packaging into a distinctive asset that supports a mission for a healthier planet. With a unique aesthetic, this paper adds character to eco credentials without sacrificing style or performance.

Notpla Paper has endless applications – from fashion labelling to cosmetic box packaging. Improving sustainability in a new and innovative way.

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Notpla Pipettes 

Say no to plastic sachets! 

Our Pipettes are made from seaweed, and come in a single dose size for easy squeeze control.

We are revolutionising the way oil is packaged. Dispense with plastic sachets, and replace with 100% natural, home-compostable, vegan membrane pipettes. They’re even edible too … if you’re really hungry!

Perfect for applying a drizzle of olive oil on takeaways, restaurant dining or just in a lunch box

Olive oil pipettes for home meal kits, restaurants and takeaways 

Our Pipettes are a fun alternative to plastic for encapsulating oil. Easy opening and controlled dosage allow for precise portions so you get just the right amount.  

Finish your meals with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, for a Mediterranean twist. 

Perfect for pizza, pasta, salads, drizzled over vegetables; in restaurants, at home or on the go.

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Notpla Films

Notpla Films are made from 100% seaweed, plant and mineral extracts (no plastic or bio plastic!) 

Our versatile films have been designed with the entire lifecycle in mind, breaking down naturally and leaving nothing behind.

Our film is a direct replacement to plastic packaging for dry products or liquids with a low water content. The Notpla films do more than protect your products – they can be functionalized too, through dissolving in water (with their contents too), or have added fragrance.


Hot Water Soluble Film  

Our all rounder film, designed to replace single use plastic in packaging. From soluble coffee sachets to clothing polybags, the Notpla film can be used for both primary and secondary packaging.

Cold Water Soluble Film

Make packaging more interesting. Our cold water soluble films starts to breakdown in contact with cooler water so you can get creative with what goes inside.

Notpla flavoured films_Notpla

It’ll be worth it, we promise 

By mid 2022 we plan to be ready to sell reels of film to clients.

We are constantly evolving and developing new types of film, including printed films, films with integrated waste materials (e.g. fruit peels), and flavoured films – integrated with spices or sweet flavouring such as honey.