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Having a positive impact is at the heart of what we do. 

Impact is at the core of our mission, “to make packaging disappear”.

Read and learn more about our approach to sustainability and the world of packaging on this page.


Our 2022 Impact Report 

This year has seen significant growth in our partnerships and international expansion.

Our 2022 Impact Report covers a wide range of information – organised into three sections: Planet, Product and People – to build a broad picture of our impact. 

Discover our 2022 Impact Report 



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Notpla Glossary 

Discover our glossary to better understand the complex terminology surrounding sustainability. From the diverse meaning and limits of ‘sustainability‘ to the realities of recycling. It’s important to understand where definitions, products and materials can misguide us. This glossary is the perfect place to start.

Notpla VS Bioplastics

We tested our material against key criteria for a sustainable product. Click through for infographics explaining why Notpla performs better than plastics. 

Notpla seaweed-coated takeaway box

Notpla Blog 

Follow Making Waves, our new blog where we demystify topics like sustainability, discuss our ambitions for environmental impact and share Notpla’s latest news! 



Discover our Ancient Forest friendly and Next Generation Solution policy. You will learn how Notpla is committed to protecting forests with the support of Canopy.


Plastics 101


Do you want to better understand the plastics world? Have a read at this Notpla short course.

WWF – Cost of Plastic 


Discover this report that takes an in-depth look into the cost of plastic on society, the environment and our economy. The report estimates that the lifetime cost of plastic is 10x the market cost!