Made from seaweed

Notpla is made from one of nature’s most renewable resources, brown seaweed.

Growing up to 1m per day, it doesn’t compete with food crops, doesn’t need fresh water or fertiliser and actively contributes to de-acidifying our oceans.


Most people don’t know that 50% of plastic packaging is used once and thrown away. Notpla biodegrades naturally in 4-6 weeks. No micro-plastics, no waste for centuries. Unlike PLA, it is home compostable and doesn’t contaminate PET recycling.


At the heart of our solution is a bespoke manufacturing machine that produces Oohos sachets in the range of 15-100ml, depending on the application. Once fully tested and scaled up our business model will be to lease this machine and sell cartridges of materials to food manufacturers, co-packers and event organisers, enabling them to produce and sell Oohos containing drinks or sauces as desired.

The machine is still in development and we are working with a selection of corporate clients to evaluate and trial this machinery.