Notpla Rigid

From waste to wonder material 

Notpla Rigid is a material that shares many similar properties with conventional rigid plastics but is made from seaweed and plants. 

Notpla Rigid uses the fibrous by-product of industrially processed seaweed, transforming a wasted resource into a visually distinctive product. This revolutionary material can be moulded into a wide range of products and has been engineered to break down in the natural environment.

Ideal for primary packaging

From consumer electronics to luxury goods, Notpla Rigid is ideal for protecting heavy and delicate items usually packaged with rigid plastic. It can be used to create detailed solutions with varying characteristics, such as material thickness, and everything from cosmetics containers to cutlery is possible. 

Notpla Rigid is produced through injection or compression moulding, and the material is available in pellet form for injection moulding. Our team can provide technical support at your manufacturing facility for production trials.

Built to perform, not to last

The material dissolves in water over just a few hours and can then be used to fertilise plants! If not dissolved in water, Notpla Rigid easily biodegrades in nature without the need for industrial composting or special conditions. 

This advanced packaging solution falls outside of the new EU Single-Use Plastic Directive since it’s made from readily available natural ingredients and isn’t chemically modified.

Luxury watchmaking first

Notpla and ID Genève are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of a home-compostable packaging solution for the newest ID Genève Collection, Circular S. The bespoke watch box made from Notpla Rigid brings together sustainability and luxury.

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