Convenience doesn't have
to cost the world

This simple food container is carefully engineered to eliminate waste and make the planet a healthier place. Where conventional containers have petrol-based coatings that stick around forever, this one has a 100% natural seaweed coating. Once finished, the whole package can be composted and disappears without a trace—just like a fruit peel.
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Seaweed forever

There are forests below the sea that are very dear to us. Seaweed grows quickly, and needs no freshwater, land or fertiliser. It captures carbon and makes the surrounding waters less acidic.

Beyond this, seaweed is abundantly available and has near-magical material properties. In the quest to heal our ecosystems and food chains from the toxic waste of plastic packaging, it is the perfect companion species and an integral partner to our solutions.
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The liquid packaging revolution

This is where it all began for Notpla.

Taking inspiration from nature, this innovative solution offers a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic packaging. Its unique design allows the liquid to be encapsulated in a thin, flexible layer that is 100% naturally biodegradable and entirely edible.
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Applications for a new everyday

Our collection includes true solutions for packaging foods, drinks, care products, and many other items you use every day. While some are edible, some compostable, and some dissolve in water — they all disappear back into nature without any harmful traces.
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Food Containers
Seaweed-coated and eliminating waste
Rigid Cutlery
Food utensils as natural as ice cream cones
in development
Energy Gel Pods
Edible energy for the conscious athelete
Notpla Paper
Zero-waste paper from below the sea
Food Oil Pipette
Drip-release your liquid flavors
coming soon
Laundry Sachet
A cleaner clean for your home
Dry Food Sachet
Safekeeping for dry herbs and flavorings
Bath Oil Sachet
Releases contents and disappears

Futures Lab exists to create the next sustainable packaging breakthrough

Our lab serves as an R&D department and partnership platform. Here, our chemists and designers work together with brands to invent new forms of packaging, and grow them into products that are ready for manufacturing.
launching soon

True solutions,
endorsed by everyone

‘True solutions’ is both our internal standard for product development, and a benchmark we offer for others to rate us. Over the years, we have not just built our products, but also our reputation in this way.

Today, instead of just listening to us, you can also hear it from them: the journalists that cover our work, the juries that awarded us prestigious prizes, the customers that love our products, and all the friends we’ve made along the way, including Prince William (of Wales) and Sam Bentley (of Instagram).
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