Notpla Ice Cream Spoon

Strong when you need it, gone when you don't.

A breakthrough in sustainable innovation - perfected for ice cream and frozen deserts.

Over three years in the making, our seaweed-based Ice Cream Spoon is here to ensure that the next time you dig into a frozen treat, it’s pure bliss from start to finish with absolutely no plastic guilt.
Ice cream in use

The smooth mover

While consumers are left with a bad taste in their mouths from rough, wooden spoons, the planet is even less impressed by the paper-laminated and PLA alternatives that create a damaging trail of microplastics. 

So we created something that was better for everyone.

Made from our unique seaweed formula, the Notpla Ice Cream Spoon remains stiff during use, providing a smooth, tasteless experience and once the ice cream is over, it will return to nature without a trace - no harm done.

A natural leader

Crafted from natural seaweed extracts, our patented Notpla Rigid material complies with the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive - completely avoiding chemically-modified polymers.

Manufactured here in the UK, the spoons are food contact verified, allergen-free and can simply be discarded with food waste or composted at home after use.

We think it's the way things should be.

More reasons to choose Notpla

Built with your customer
in mind

We've fine-tuned our formula for a great experience. No more rough wood or soggy paper.

Exempt from the Single Use
Plastic Ban

100% natural meaning there's no PFAS, PLA or legislation that's going to catch you out.

Designed and manufactured
in the UK

Crafted here in the UK by our team of experts and then manufactured by our trailblazing partners.

We're ready for orders

Join the world's most innovative ice cream businesses and place your orders for the first batch of Notpla Ice Cream Spoons.

Orders will ship from July 2024 in case sizes of 1,000 units.
Pre-order here

The perfect pairing

For an all-in-one sustainable solution, look no further than our seaweed-coated packaging. Offering an ideal companion for serving your frozen desserts, our compostable ice cream pot provides a 360 guilt-free experience - replacing the plastic lining usually found in paper boxes with our natural, seaweed alternative.

By pairing Notpla products across your service offerings, you can maximise your positive environmental effect, all while delivering a reliable experience that doesn't compromise on convenience.
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Sustainability at scale

Notpla Rigid seamlessly integrates with existing manufacturing equipment and processes normally used for plastics.

By designing our material to work within the current industrial infrastructure, we enable an easy transition to truly plastic-free alternatives with the scale to back it up.

Discover more disappearing solutions for your packaging needs

Our collection includes true solutions for packaging foods, drinks, care products, and many other items you use every day. While some are edible, some compostable, and some dissolve in water — they all disappear back into nature without any harmful traces.
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