Ooho the edible bubble made from seaweed

If you've ever seen a video of an edible bubble filled with water, you’ve probably heard of Ooho

It started with a simple question: how can we package water in a way that works in harmony with nature, bridging the gap between the lifespan of what we consume and their packaging?

Looking to the natural world for inspiration, we soon found seaweed, a miracle crop possessing all the necessary qualities for natural packaging: it’s incredibly flexible and strong, provides a natural barrier against water or air, and, most importantly, the ability to shape.
Ooho in hand

The future of water

Notpla Co-Founders Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier developed an edible water bubble prototype at London’s Imperial College in 2013. In the beginning, they made each one by hand in their student kitchen, continuously testing new formulations to see if their idea had any chance of success, all the while gauging responses from friends, family and anyone else who was willing. The name Ooho was born from the sound that reaction to this novel experience provoked, “Ooohooooo!” which confirmed their beliefs that this could be the future of how we carry water. Fast-forward to today and Ooho is recognised as an engaging experience that sparks curiosity in anyone who tries it.

Nature is our north star

Ooho is a testament to our material science philosophy, crucial in sculpting Notpla's identity and trajectory. Today, our vision is to create truly natural biomaterials capable of solving real-world challenges at scale with the greatest positive impact on our planet. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, only working with natural materials without any chemical modification and constant experimentation and refining new formulations to function in everyday life.

As packaging innovators, our team's superpower is collaboration,  blending design and rigorous scientific research to push the limits of what packaging materials can accomplish and create new products and experiences beyond plastic. We take a holistic approach as we consider solutions for the future, beyond the molecular properties and into the sensory experience, behaviours, and aesthetics. What is it like to peel an apple or eat a tomato?

A product portfolio at scale

Before long, we caught the attention of Just Eat. Impressed by our approach to moving fast and fixing things challenged us to find a plastic-free solution to takeaway boxes, which often contain nasty chemicals called PFAs or an invisible plastic layer to keep your food in place. By utilising the established Ooho technology, we can provide a natural coating barrier that replaces all that plastic. Every new challenge brings new opportunities, and we aim to deliver sustainable solutions. Our portfolio of solutions continues to grow, demonstrating the power of innovation and the incredible ability of a small, liquid bubble to revolutionise an industry with supernatural materials.
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Ooho Energy

Ooho Energy Gels is the sustainable solution for sporting events. By replacing single-use plastic cups and bottles with Ooho, you can eliminate littered streets and reduce the need for cleanup. Additionally, using Ooho at your events is a great way to engage participants in your sustainability goals.
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Ooho energy gel

Marathon runners offered Ooho as an alternative to plastic bottles

As a conscious effort towards sustainability, event organisers are offering runners the opportunity to reduce plastic waste by introducing them to Ooho. This innovative solution has already been successful in high-profile events like the London Marathon, Gothenburg Half, Zevenheuvelenloop, Bari Half, Tough Mudder, and Vitality Half Marathon.

Notpla and Handtmann have joined forces

Introducing an innovative way for brands to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products, offering entirely natural and plastic-free methods of packaging liquids such as energy gels, food and beverages, and cosmetics in a food-grade edible membrane. Our custom adaptation of Handtmann’s industry-leading sausage machine ensures a continuous production capacity of up to 100 units per minute.

The solution is available now to make your brand a more sustainable choice with a unique packaging solution, stay ahead of the competition by tapping into the conscious consumer market Notpla has established, and have peace of mind partnering with a trusted and reputable supplier like Handtmann.
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Read about Ooho out in the world

A sip of sustainability: Ooho at the London Aquatics Centre
Our revolutionary Ooho is expanding its reach, now making its mark in vending machines at the London Aquatics Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This collaboration with SHIFT is yet another milestone in our quest for a plastic-free tomorrow.
Music, Nightlife, & Sustainability: In Conversation with Imogen Malpas
At the heart of London's music scene, Imogen is making waves by intertwining her passion for music with her dedication to sustainability.

Discover more disappearing solutions for your packaging needs

Our collection includes true solutions for packaging foods, drinks, care products, and many other items you use every day. While some are edible, some compostable, and some dissolve in water — they all disappear back into nature without any harmful traces.
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Food Containers
Seaweed-coated and eliminating waste
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Laundry Sachet
A cleaner clean for your home
Notpla Paper
Zero-waste paper from below the sea
in development
Energy Gel Pods
Edible energy for the conscious athelete
Dry Food Sachet
Safekeeping for dry herbs and flavorings
Food Oil Pipette
Drip-release your liquid flavors
Bath Oil Sachet
Releases contents and disappears
Rigid Cutlery
Food utensils as natural as ice cream cones
Rigid Packaging
Caps and closures for the perfect opening