A sip of sustainability: Ooho at the London Aquatics Centre

July 18, 2023

Sip the Change: Ooho at the London Aquatics Centre

A quick burst of energy and hydration, packed in nature's gift, seaweed. An on-the-go drink solution without the guilt of single-use plastic packaging. That's Ooho for you! And now, this sustainable innovation is just a coin away, thanks to our new vending machine installed at the London Aquatics Centre.

We are pleased to align with the vision of SHIFT, a pioneer in creating safer, healthier and more sustainable cities. This six-month trial symbolises the union of innovation and sustainability in the sporting scene, providing a unique visitor experience at the iconic London Aquatics Centre.

As Katrina Kilkenny from SHIFT points out:

"SHIFT is dedicated to accelerating innovative solutions that have potential to deliver better futures in cities around the world and Notpla’s pioneering tech is evidence that innovators based right here in east London can play an important role in future-proofing our world, from how we produce to how we consume. We are extremely excited to be part of that story."

Retrospective: Ooho's presence at Major Sporting Events

We're no stranger to the world of sports, having replaced 36,000 plastic bottles at the London Marathon with our Oohos and distributed over 25,000 Oohos at the Goteborg half marathon. With this vending machine, we're now reaching out directly to the public, offering them a sip of sustainability whenever they need it.

As our co-founder and co-CEO, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, explains “Notpla products aim to solve the disparity that currently exists between the products we consume and the packaging they come in. Our mission is to make plastic packaging disappear. Ooho, our first iconic product, provides a sustainable packaging solution for liquids. It's so natural, you can eat it!”

Our collaboration with SHIFT and the London Aquatics Centre is a small but further step in our big journey towards a plastic-free world. Our vending machine trial brings our innovation to the local community and reinforces the importance of collaboration in our mission.

Next time you find yourself at the  London Aquatics Centre! Don't forget to drop by our vending machines after your swim. For just a quid, you can grab an Ooho, enjoy its yummy taste, and do something cool for the planet. Hydrate and join our mission!

To learn more about the vending machine at London Aquatic Centre, visit our dedicated page. , Stay tuned for more updates on our journey toward true sustainability.

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