Music, Nightlife, & Sustainability: In Conversation with Imogen Malpas

August 18, 2023

Meet Imogen Malpas

Imogen Malpas is a dynamic figure at the heart of London’s music scene, making waves by intertwining her passion for music with her dedication to sustainability. This blend of interests has led her to co-found Club Sol, a sustainable club night leveraging renewable energy sources and sustainable practices to fight the environmental harm that these industries are normally associated with. Her recent event, the Grow event, co-funded by Jägermeister and held at Hackney Wick, was a perfect example of this.  

Join us as we dive into the conversation with Malpas on her work and aspirations, having a look at the behind-the-scenes Grow event where we were present with our Notpla Ooho.

The Genesis of Club Sol

Club Sol is not your average night out. It’s a sustainable club night that leverages renewable energy sources and sustainable practices to minimise its environmental footprint. It all started when Malpas came across a nightclub in Glasgow that used the heat generated by its partygoers to power the venue. The concept sparked an idea in Malpas, leading to the creation of Club Sol, London’s first sustainable club night.

#SaveTheNight Initiative

Malpas’s sustainable dream became a reality thanks to the #SaveTheNight initiative by Jägermeister. The initiative provided funding to support exciting projects seeking to revitalise nightlife across the globe, with a focus on sustainability and inclusivity. Malpas was one of the winners of the competition, using the prize money to launch Club Sol.

A Green Clubbing Experience

The venue for Club Sol is Hackney’s Grow, an independent, creative space powered by renewable electricity. The club night combines electronic and world music played on a solar-powered sound system, offering a quite different party experience – allowing anyone attending to enjoy a sustainable yet fun night. Malpas, however, explains that a solar-powered systems can be unreliable due to the intermittent nature of sunlight. But as she continues to develop, it is worth the risk, ”We can’t sit back and do nothing — when it comes to climate action, we must champion progress over perfection.”

Building a Sustainable Community

Malpas believes that community is the key to driving climate action. Club Sol is designed to foster a sense of community and connection, providing a space for people to gather, dance, and connect while championing sustainable practices. Malpas hopes that Club Sol can serve as a starting point for people seeking to make a change, offering an accessible and enjoyable way to engage with the fight against climate change.

Notpla: A Sustainable Solution for Clubbing

Club Sol’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at renewable energy and that’s where we join the conversation. Malpas highlights that one of the key elements for sustainability to become more of a norm rather than an option is being able to work together, to support the community and work with like-minded businesses which is why she thought that having out Notpla Ooho at this month’s Club Sol event was a perfect match.

The Power of Grassroots Initiatives

Club Sol reflects the power of grassroots initiatives in driving change. While it might not be a perfect solution, it represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. Malpas emphasises the need for progress over perfection, and Club Sol embodies this approach. It is a testament to the power of community, creativity, and commitment to sustainability in transforming industries.

The Role of Big Brands in Promoting Sustainability

Working with Jägermeister, a major brand, was a unique experience for Malpas. While some might question the ethics of partnering with large corporations, Malpas argues that their funding was critical in launching Club Sol. It provided the necessary resources to support smaller businesses and workshop leaders involved in the event. Malpas sees this as a form of trickle-down sustainability, where large corporations can support small, sustainable initiatives.

Club Sol: A Catalyst for Change

Club Sol isn’t a one-off event. Malpas has plans to host more sustainable club nights at different venues across London, each event aiming to promote sustainability and foster a sense of community. She also plans to organise a listening party to reconnect city dwellers with the sound of the natural world, showcasing the potential for sustainability to transform our everyday experiences.

Club Sol is part of a broader movement to promote sustainability in the music industry. As Malpas continues to challenge the status quo and demonstrate the potential for sustainable practices in nightlife and beyond. It raises an interesting question – have you ever considered the environmental impact of your night out? If not, maybe it’s time to join the sustainable music revolution.

Find out more about her work here, and read about the latest event at Grow here.

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