Making packaging disappear

We are on a mission to make packaging disappear.

Our portfolio of advanced, all-natural packaging solutions made from seaweed and plants are naturally biodegradable and home-compostable, just like a piece of fruit.

Each product responds to a specific plastic problem we identified across multiple industries, from electronics, fashion, and cosmetics to food. We innovate along the manufacturing chain, developing materials, proprietary manufacturing machines, techniques, and novel formats and designs of consumer products.

Our story

Co-founders of Notpla, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier, met while studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. 

After their first video of an edible bubble encapsulating water went viral, they collaborated with chemists and chemical engineers from Imperial College to develop their first product, Ooho. 

In 2019 the brand Notpla was born, an abbreviation of ‘not plastic’, accompanied by an identity and brand strategy that better represents our mission and values and positions us as an environmental sustainability leader.

Notpla partnered with Lucozade to replace single-use plastic cups and bottles with 36,000 Ooho at the London Marathon. Worked with Just Eat to launch a food container coated with seaweed, a revolutionary move for the takeaway industry that has traditionally relied on plastic or chemicals to hold food. Closed a £10 million Series A financing round to rapidly accelerate our portfolio’s industrialisation.

Funding & Investors

In April 2017, we raised £850,000 (in three days!) on Crowdcube, and received hundreds of millions of views on social media.

Our first VC funding from Sky Ocean Ventures in 2018 accelerated the development of the second generation of the Ooho machine. 

We raised our seed round in 2019, led by impact VC funds Astanor Ventures and Lupa Systems, which enabled the development of Notpla Coating and the team’s expansion.

In December 2021, we closed a £10 million Series A financing round led by Horizons Ventures, with participation from existing investors Astanor Ventures, Lupa Systems and Torch Capital.

Funding & investors


We are widely featured as pioneers of seaweed and the emerging sustainable packaging markets. Discover a selection of our latest media appearances here.

Meet the team

Notpla Team - Rodrigo

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez
Cofounder & Co-CEO

Notpla Team - Pierre

Pierre Paslier
Cofounder & Co-CEO


Notpla Team - Lise

Lise Honsinger

Notpla Team - Karlijn

Karlijn Sibbel
Design Director

Notpla Team - Tristan

Tristan Kaye
Commercial Director

Notpla Team - Seb

Seb Bregeaud
Development & Manufacturing Director

Notpla Team - Louise

Louise Anderson
Research Director

Notpla Team - Ella

Ella O’Toole
Product Manager Coating

Notpla Team - Fern

Fern Toynton
Culture, Wellness & Office Manager

Notpla Team - Matej

Matej Prokop
Senior Engineer

Notpla Team - Manu

Manu Lopez
Development Chemist

Notpla Team - August

August Ford
Product Designer

Notpla Team - Océane

Océane Gaudinet
Research Chemist

Notpla Team - Danny

Danny Pitt
Development Chemist

Niall Russell
Head of Marketing

Notpla Team - Margaux

Margaux Deguerre
Marketing Manager

Notpla Team - Kendra

Kendra Quinn
Impact Manager

Notpla Team - Tom

Tom Postlethwaite
Product Designer & Space Manager

Notpla Team - Charlie

Charlie Nunn
Product Design & Production Associate

Notpla Team - Ben

Ben Fullerton
Communications Designer

Notpla Team - Poppy

Poppy Pippin
Product Design & Production Associate

Cecile Roques
Product Manager

Ana Elvira Fuentes Mejia
Management Team Assistant

Notpla Team - Tessa

Tessa Robinson
Account Manager

Notpla Team - Cerri

Ceri Rees
Account Manager

Notpla Team - Flora

Flora Blathwayt
Business Development Manager

Notpla Team - Callum

Callum Wardle
Process Engineer

Notpla Team - Leila

Leila Belasri
Materials Development Engineer

Mashal Hussain
Business Development Manager

Umeshan Vigneswaran
Finance Manager

Notpla Team - Amaya

Amaya Jones
Research Associate & Lab Manager

Lulu Wallis
Account Manager

Andre Gaduan
Research Scientist

Callum Rhodes
People & Talent Manager

Grace Cohen
Research Associate 

Humphrey Atkinson
Product Manager 

Hattie Freeman
Business Services Associate  

Dan Whitaker
Research Chemist 

Elliot Denvir
FP&A Manager  

Eleonora Rombolà 
Product Design Associate

Jamie Waller 
Business Development Associate 

Lucy Romo García
Business Development Manager 

Florence Culleton 
Business Development Associate 

Callum O’Connell 
Seaweed Sourcing Manager 

Nick Hooton 
Product Manager 

Alex James 
Business Development Manager 

Erinc Bahcegul 
Senior Research Scientist 

Nick Williams 
Operations Associate 

States Lee 
Mechanical Engineer

Ozge Bektasoglu 
Supply Chain & Procurement Manager

Conor Ludden
Business Development Manager 

Stive Pregent
Senior Research Scientist 

Ayla de Heney
Account Manager & Seaweed Sourcing Manager 

Zaid Moosa 
Grants Manager 

Jorge Garaffa 
Growth Lead 

Yoon Kim 
People Associate 

Chiara Ferrari 
Marketing & Content Associate 

Siméon Lang
Industrialisation Intern