Sustainability Hits a Six: Notpla at The Kia Oval

July 7, 2023
Company Update

Notpla boxes have arrived at The Kia Oval. This pioneering move marks an important juncture between sports and sustainability, bringing Surrey County Cricket Club fans an unprecedented sustainable experience.

The Kia Oval embraces innovation.

As a company focused on driving sustainable innovation, we're thrilled to play our part in Surrey County Cricket Club's admirable vision to transform The Kia Oval into a Carbon Neutral Venue by 2030.

“With Notpla's innovative sustainable packaging, we take another stride towards our Net Zero goals.” - Emily Iveson-Pritchard, Head of Sustainability at The Kia Oval.

Our seaweed-coated packaging, admired by many for its ingenious approach to sustainability, will now grace one of the most iconic cricket grounds in the world. Imagine the thrill of match-day – the cheering crowd, the scent of fresh-cut grass, and the feeling of our sustainable Notpla boxes in your hands – an all-new dimension added to cricket's rich tapestry.

This momentous shift at The Kia Oval resonates with the global movement we've seen among consumers – a craving for transparency in packaging and a guilt-free path to enjoy their food. Our answer to this call came in the form of Notpla seaweed-coated boxes, and many more products.

As our co-founder and co-CEO, Pierre Paslier, expressed, “By launching Notpla packaging, the Oval is taking a big step in adopting truly sustainable packaging solutions, enabling cricket fans to enjoy their favourite meals without the plastic waste.”

So, what's the secret behind our Notpla boxes?

Each box is lined with our unique Notpla Coating, a seaweed-derived formulation. Like its plastic counterparts, this coating possesses grease and water-resistant properties. However, it offers an entirely different end-of-life scenario: the boxes can be disposed of guilt-free in a home compost.

Our Notpla Coating aligns perfectly with the EU Single-Use Plastic Directive that aims to ban synthetic materials like PLA, PHA, and other bioplastics. There's no plastic or "forever chemicals" like PFA in our coating, ensuring we leave no harmful traces behind in the environment.

In collaboration with the Surrey County Cricket Club and Greenstrand, our supplier, we're set to redefine the boundaries of sports and sustainability. The Kia Oval's dedication to incorporating Notpla's sustainable packaging in its retail areas reflects this shared vision.

So next time you find yourself at The Kia Oval, in the midst of an exhilarating cricket match, you'll be holding one of our Notpla boxes. It's a beautiful blend of sustainability and sports, allowing you to cheer for your team and the planet, all at once.

Find out more on Notpla's takeaway packaging on our coatings page, and read more about our work with the Surrey County Cricket Club here.

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