Meet Teresa Suter, leading Notpla's sales team and elevating sustainable food packaging

August 18, 2023
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Say hello to Teresa!

We’re delighted to welcome Teresa Suter to the Notpla team as our Head of Sales. Previously having lead sales at Vegware over a 12 year period, she’ll now be focussed on ramping up growth of Notpla’s next generation takeaway food packaging. Bringing heaps of industry experience and brimming with energy, Teresa’s here to help take our seaweed-based catering disposables to new heights. It’s a move that comes just in time for the food service sector, with businesses all over the country gearing up for the imminent single-use plastic ban. Read on to hear from Teresa on what inspired her to work for Notpla, hear her take on the industry and uncover a few of those secrets to achieving success!

Hi Teresa and welcome to Notpla! Can you give us a quick introduction to who you are and your background?

Yes, hi! I’m Teresa and I’ve been working in the food packaging industry now for quite a few years… probably too many to say without giving my age away – but as I like to say, age and experience are my friends! In the earlier part of my career I worked for a regional distributor before realising that sustainable packaging was the way forward – it’s what all of the customers I was talking to were becoming more and more passionate about and I like to sell something that I’m passionate about.

It was at this point in my career when I came across Vegware – back then they were just starting out with a limited range which we grew over a decade to a full sustainable catering offering!  – I joined them as employee number four. Working with them for 12 years, we built up the sales to over £50m.

So yeah, I really do love the people in the industry and I loved being able to work in this role that can be so influential in the success of the company.  

What brought you to Notpla? Can you tell us a bit more about your new role with us?

I was aware of Notpla during my time working in the industry and I followed along with interest – it was refreshing to see all of Notpla’s posts on LinkedIn and the regular features in the trade press and then – the big one – when you won the Eartshot Prize. And so I thought, ‘oh this is really interesting, exciting stuff going on’ and something the market was crying out for. I thought to myself, ‘hey, I really want to join this company.’ I really did, because I’ve found this real passion for selling something with sustainability at its core – this really is my dream role.

I’m joining as Head of Sales on food service packaging and I really hope that my industry experience, and in selling sustainable products, will help to grow sales at a fast pace and increase Notpla’s share of market.

And without giving too many secrets away, how do you think we’re going to achieve that?

I think when you’re trying to grow sales the most important thing is to focus on those sectors and parts of the market where you’ve got a really good, natural fit and therefore a higher probability of converting the sales. It’s great to chat to companies with sustainability high on the agenda.

What’s your view of the food service industry today?

Well, there’s a lot of change coming! Legislation – and being able to respond to changes in this – is going to be really key, as well as people’s general attitude and awareness towards plastic. You know, people are much more aware now than they ever were about sustainability matters and have become more knowledgeable – now we’re almost at this point where we’re all carefully checking what’s going into our bins and eventually our environment. The other thing is this need for innovation… The market is ready for really new ideas around sustainable and plastic-free packaging. Notpla ticks all the boxes!

How do you feel Notpla is positioned to serve the food service market?

Well, there was definitely something needed in this space and I felt that you guys have come along with a great product in the right place at the right time. With all of the new SUPD (EU Single Use Plastic Directive) laws and all of this stuff coming in shortly, I feel Notpla’s perfectly positioned for future proofing the industry. There’s definitely a need within the market for this kind of product, for something that’s organic and natural, as the industry wakes up to what it really means for a material to be truly plastic free.

You always need a disruptor and Notpla is definitely that, but the other thing that’s so interesting about Notpla is that it’s fit for purpose. Chefs love displaying their culinary concepts in Notpla sustainable and organic food trays and cartons. So not only are Notpla products sustainable, they make your food taste better too!!  

We try to live by a few, core values at Notpla. Do you have any particular value(s) that guide your work?

Integrity, honesty and trust – they’re my three.

If you’re interested in talking to Teresa or the team about bringing Notpla into your business, get in touch or understand more about how we add value.

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