Serving up the Earthshot Burger with Sorted Food and Prince William

July 31, 2023
Prince William
Earthshot Prize
Sorted Food

Prince William and The Earthshot Prize have teamed up with popular YouTube channel, Sorted Food, to spotlight the work of three of the most recent Winners of The Earthshot Prize - including Notpla.

The video culminates with the creation of the first-ever Earthshot Burger, served in a Notpla burger box by Prince William himself on the streets of London!

''Royal Mail''

It all started with a box, hand-delivered by Prince William in person…

In the episode (watched by almost 400k people at the time of writing!) the team at Sorted Food were invited by Prince William to get a hands-on look at the food-focussed innovations of the three Earthshot Prize winners: Notpla (Winner, Build A Waste-Free World), Mukuru Clean Stoves (Winner, Clean Our Air), and Kheyti’s Greenhouse-in-a-box (Winner, Protect and Restore Nature). Heading straight into the kitchen, they conjured up a recipe for the world’s first ‘Earthshot Burger’, all while discovering more about these planet-repairing solutions!

Prince William delivering Notpla boxes to Sorted Food team

“This feels like the next stage’’

Burgers cooked, it was time for the Notpla Burger boxes to take their starring role. Notpla’s range of food packaging is coated with seaweed, designed to replace the thin layer of plastic ​​that’s usually hidden in takeaway boxes, forming a barrier to any grease or liquids in the food. Because of this plastic though, typical food boxes have a very low chance of being recycled and - when they end up in landfills - they have damaging effects on the environment.

Designed to disappear naturally, our boxes are 100% recyclable in existing paper waste streams. They can also be disposed of in your home compost, returning to nature like a piece of fruit.

“ This feels like the next stage” - Jamie Spafford, co-founder of Sorted Food

‘Speaking of recycling, it says that just 9% of all the plastic ever produced has been recycled!” - Mike Huttlestone, co-founder of Sorted Food

Notpla Burget box lined with seaweed coating

Prince William, serving Notpla Burger boxes in his food trunk

With their burgers ready to serve, the Sorted team and Prince William then hit the road together to find some hungry customers! Well, you can imagine the public's surprise to discover that the ‘chef’ preparing their order was none other than Prince William himself.

Showing off his multi-tasking skills while serving up the earth-restoring burgers, The Prince went on to explain the ambitions of The Earthshot Prize, and even delivered a fantastic pitch for the Notpla burger boxes:

“The box you are about to eat has been created by a company called Notpla, and there is no plastic involved. They’ve come up with a seaweed coating.” - Prince William

“We could not have dreamed of a better collaboration than the one between Kensington Royal, Sorted Food and The Earthshot Prize to put the spotlight on our takeaway boxes lined with seaweed! Prince William serving our burger box and explaining its benefits and how it can help restore the planet is truly humbling and awesome to see. When our team watched the Sorted Food video, we were speechless, as surprised as the public!” - Pierre Paslier, co-founder and co-CEO of Notpla

Prince Willliam serving Notpla Burger boxes

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