Notpla takeaway boxes



Notpla Coating

Finally, making food containers fully biodegradable.

Notpla Coating has many of the same grease and water-resistant qualities of traditional coatings used in takeaway food packaging, but is made from seaweed – not plastic!

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Notpla Ooho 

An edible bubble designed to replace single-use plastic packaging for liquids.

Ooho is a fun packaging solution for hydration on the go replacing the need for plastic cups and bottles at sporting events. 

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Notpla Paper  

Transforming a wasted resource.

As we extract the gelatinous part of seaweed, what’s left behind are fibres and biomass that can be turned into paper, enabling a new circular way of using the entire seaweed.

Notpla Paper is visually distinct, tactile, fully printable, and converts beautifully – meaning it’s relevant to many secondary packaging applications.

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Notpla Film

Pushing the boundaries of flexible packaging innovation. 

Pushing the boundaries of flexible film-based packaging innovation. Notpla Film is designed to replace conventional fossil-derived, and bio-plastic based, flexibles.

But unlike these, Notpla Film will breakdown naturally without releasing any microplastics.


Notpla Pipette

Revolutionising the way edible oils are packaged.  

Notpla Pipette has been designed to give controlled pouring, making it the go-to for easy-to-use, sustainable packaging of single-dose edible oils.


Notpla Rigid

From waste to wonder material.

Notpla Rigid is a material that shares many similar properties with conventional rigid plastics but is made from seaweed and plants.

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Notpla Pearls

Single-dose sphere of seaweed.

Notpla Pearls are unique single-use packaging substitutes to existing plastic solutions.

A transparent and multi-sized solution that not only replaces plastic but adds flair and beauty to packaged products.