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Notpla x Just Eat Takeaway boxes

A sustainable revolution in the food takeaway business.

Notpla and Just Eat Takeaway are proudly partnering once again with a large-scale launch of seaweed-coated takeaway boxes to reduce plastic waste:

Discover the Notpla x Just Eat Takeaway boxes! 

Life in plastic? Not fantastic.

Did you know that your average cardboard takeaway box has a coating of plastic on the inside? This makes it hard to recycle, and if the plastic enters the environment, it won’t decompose for hundreds of years.

Classic takeaway box with a thin layer of plastic
Brown Seaweed

Seaweed: an unlikely hero

The Notpla x Just Eat Takeaway box uses a seaweed-based coating to replace the usual plastic. Fun fact: seaweed is one of the fastest-growing organisms on the planet, which means our plastic-free coating is nice and renewable.

Watch our box disappear in just 29 days

Our seaweed-coated takeaway boxes are 100% compostable, just like a piece of fruit! Take a look at the video above and see the box disappear in just a few weeks.